Body Conditioning Strength  Improve strength and muscle definition, at the same time you'll also work on flexibility, balance, body alignment and posture.
Boot Camp Strength Army Work out! This class is high intensity interval training, low choreography. Strength, cardio fitness and condition you body to move better.
Bosu Conditioning Strength A balance training. A fully integrated workout which aims to improve balance and core stability using a BOSU ball
Boxing Strength Put on your Gloves and punch that bag
Express Class Strength 15 minutes quickie of 100% pure exercise and unbeatable fun!
Hi Lo Cardio Get a great aerobic workout without the worry of fancy footwork.
Hip Hop Cardio Dance like no one's watching in this street dance class.
Pilates Mind  & Body A systematic practice of exercise, coupled with focused breathing patterns you will develop a body that looks and feels good!
Step Cardio  A low impact high intensity class that changed the way we did aerobics using a step platform! Up, Up, Down, Down.
Yoga Mind  & Body Specialized Exercise To Keep You Fit And Supple. The Class Incorporates Relaxation Techniques To Relieve Physical And Mental Stress.
Zumba Cardio Zumba fuses Latin dance rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout - Join in the Zumba revolution!
Cycle-Fit Cardio This class involves heavy resistance for the ideal strength training, while also utilizing lighter resistance to increase aerobic capacity.